Bluff Point State Park

Bluff Point Coastal Reserve is an 800 acre piece of undeveloped land along Long Island Sound. There are hiking and biking trails, areas to barbecue, places to fish with spectacular views, and beaches to sunbathe.

We go for the wooded hiking trails, salt filled air, and beach roses.

We park, load our backpacks with water, snacks, hats, and anything that will make our day better, stroll past the people that have confiscated the picnic tables and grills with their music playing and their kids running in circles, who are simply just happy to be outside. We pass by dogs barking at each other, past a single black Nike shoe in the grass, past the porta potties, and continue onto the meandering dirt paths that lead to the woods, where we feel most like ourselves.

People pass by while looking at their phones, peddle by on bikes with a smile and a wave, and we continue into the forest.

I always stop to admire the flowers. The yarrow, toadflax, and the yellow hawkweed flowers that I photograph because they remind me of my father. I’ll send him a picture of them for Father’s day.

We stop to visit with old friends; sassafras, multiflora rose, and autumn olive.

We watch bees and butterflies dip and dive onto the early summer flowers. We nibble on the baby leaves of sassy, that are reminiscent of yellow fruit loops and we keep walking with the sun on our faces and that salty air blowing the hickory leaves all around.

I love light and shadow and try to capture it everywhere I go.

We stumble upon a fawn’s leg among fallen oak leaves and recoil at the flies that have gathered.

We find our “private” beach is vacant.

We take off our shoes and socks, wander the sandy shore for treasure, and find another friend growing between two massive rocks, it’s mullein.

Japanese wineberries and common milkweed are also here among the sun dappled shore.

We continue on the wooded trail and come to the bike path that hugs the shoreline.

We continue on past families on bikes, fishermen hauling their catch, and panting dogs.

This is Bluff Point Lake.

Parts of the beach are completely covered with seashells.

And then there are the beach roses.

Pink and white beach roses are so very fragrant and their scent is one of the reasons we’re here.

It’s June at Bluff Point State Park.




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