Mr. Loomer

This is Dane Loomer. He was my middle/high school English teacher.

He was everyone’s favorite teacher.

He was one of those teachers that would answer a question by asking one. He made us think. He had us ponder. He wanted us to write and to see the beauty in the ordinary.

He made a difference in my life. He was a positive role model to a lost soul. And I should have told him this.

We lost touch over the years but I still had the note he left in my yearbook, the one about me being one of his favorites, even though he wasn’t supposed to say it and how he wasn’t surprised by how far I’d come because even as a little kid, I had an old soul. And also, that he was proud of me.

His daughter sent me this picture. I figured he must have had a million photos since he was the head of the yearbook, but I was the only one among random family photos. Knowing that someone I valued so highly also valued me, is such an epic gift.

I’m pledging to tell people what they mean to me and to write more, for Mr. Loomer.





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  1. Susanward says:

    Jodi, I have said it before, and I will say it again… You are an extremely talented writer. You make all of my senses (except touch) come to life. I think I’m exactly where your intent is.
    I’m am so proud to be your aunt. You’ve brought back so many memories for me. I love you!!💕 💕 💕


    1. Jodi Rhodes says:

      I appreciate that so much Aunt Susan! Love you too! <3


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