Today, we celebrate Thomas!


Today is my husband’s birthday.

We met when I was a freshman in high school. We started living together almost immediately. Thomas and I made a great team back then and now, nineteen birthdays later, we are unstoppable.


In one of my English classes, we were tasked with writing an essay about an important person in our lives. I wrote about Thomas. I read it aloud and everyone stared. Mr. Loomer said, “Wow, saying one person is your whole life is a big statement.” It was a big statement and it’s still true. Although now, we have a son that shares that spot with him.


I could go on for days about how amazing he is but instead I will just say Happy Birthday to the funniest, most caring, devoted, and thoughtful husband in the world, who makes me feel adored and as if it’s my birthday every day. Happy Birthday to the greatest, most compassionate, and positive teacher and father to our boy.


You are my hero and my pillar of strength.


Thank you for being you.



7 Comments Add yours

  1. donandruth says:

    One would think you like Tom’ Makes me happy to see you happy. Most poeple never find the right one on the first try.. Grampa……..


  2. I love this! And Tom with a beard! Love it!!


  3. Michael Hislop says:

    Happy Thomas ! Your a good man. Thankyou.


  4. Michael Hislop says:

    Wonderful, Thankyou Thomas, Oh heck almost forgot, Happy Birthday young man.,Keep up the good work both of you, Im so proud !


  5. stateeats says:

    Awwwwww, too cute the three of you! Luv! -Kat


  6. Cheryl Bosworth Cramer says:

    I miss you and Tyler charging in here! I hope you always remain friends.


    1. Jodi says:

      Tom said Tyler is like his brother to him. <3


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