She loves Elvis, the color purple and taking care of her family and friends. She has always been there for me. Always.

She encourages, supports and is right there to lend a hand when someone needs it, she would give away her last dollar without a second thought.

My grandmother brought four children into this world, provided for them and supported them. They gave her six grandchildren, who in turn gave her six great-grandchildren.


She has nurtured us, fostered our passions, and cheered us on. She always seems to have a smile on her face and nice words to say.

My Gram has made a lot of friends over the years. She’s understanding, compassionate and a great listener.

She has lost a lot too: family and friends, but she is resilient and never loses focus of what’s important in life. She keeps them close to her heart. She sees finding a penny face up as a sign from her first born, Dan. She sees getting a good parking spot as a sign from her brothers. She believes that my grandfather and my mom are her guardian angels.

She will be 80 years old this year.

My grandmother has seen a lot in her time on this planet, a lot has changed from 1935 to 2015.


I am thankful and grateful to have her in my life. I really don’t know where I would be without her.

She is my guardian angel, right here on Earth.


Thank you Gram for everything you have done and continue to do for all of us. You have made me the person I am today.





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  1. says:

    Wow, Jodi, wow, wow, wow, what a sweetheart you are to write this up about me, of course, I cried thru it!!!! You have such a talent for writing and saying just the right words. At least I can read what you think about me, while I am here on earth, thank you for that. You know you are very special to me and you are my rock angel, I can ask you anything and you are right there to look something up on the internet, and you always know how to cheer me up when I am feeling sad. Grampa and I were so lucky to be able to have a part in raising you, I feel like you are a daughter as well as a grandaughter.  We 3 had some good times together and went places, the time you skipped school, so we could take you and Aunt Elsie to Portland, Me to skating on ice, we had to sit way in the back and had to climb a lot of stairs.  I am so fortunate to have you in my life and I love you so very much, and you gave me a wonderful grandson, Tom and great grandson, Ethan, whom I love dearly. You and Tom are such wonderful parents, I know Ethan will do well in all he achieves to do in life. Thank you for a wonderful great grandson. I am here for you a long as I am on this earth Jodi. I can’t believe  I will be 80 yrs. old this year. I have seen so many changes over the years and I worry how the world will be when Ethan and the other five great grandkids grow up.  Again, thank you Jodi, I love you to the moon and back.  You made my day, it is so nice to be appreciated!!!!!  What a nice Valentine gift…….

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    1. Jodi says:

      I love you too Gram. Thank you for being you :)


  2. So sweet Jodi!! A beautiful post like your Grandmother :)


  3. donandruth says:

    Those are nice pictures Jodi’ Like you i never saw your grandmother when she was young. Grampa H.


  4. Jodi says:

    Grampa, I love black and white photos! I have saved a few of you that Aunt Susan has put on Facebook :)


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