Fresh Rhubarb Upside-down Cake [TWD]


My first attempt baking with rhubarb was successful.

I did improvise a little.

I used a large cake pan instead of baby cake pans.

I halved the cake portion but kept the butter, brown sugar and pecan ratio the same.


This was a relatively easy recipe compared to some of the other Baking with Julia recipes.


You can’t go wrong with butter and brown sugar. Add pecans and it’s just so right.


Top that with freshly cut rhubarb.


And you’ve got yourself a delicious accompaniment to morning coffee.

To get the recipe for this delicious cake, check out this week’s host blogger: Erin of When in Doubt…Leave it at 350.

You can also see what the other bakers thought about the recipe, here.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. smarkies says:

    This looks absolutely delicious! Glad you enjoyed it.


  2. Mmmmm , perfect for mothers day brunch


  3. yes—this will be great with coffee. looking forward to the morning!


  4. Cindy Harris says:

    This cake was so tasty–I love your photos. So many possibilities with this recipe!


  5. SandraM says:

    Great pics. Your cake looks awesome. Good idea to not half the caramel part. I wish I had done that. Next time!


  6. Great first attempt! Yum!


  7. I love the sunny photos! I wish I had doubled the topping!


  8. galettista says:

    Yes, this would make a great coffee cake. Yours looks beautiful and delicious.


  9. This cake is delicious. Beautiful photography.


  10. Cathleen says:

    This would be fabulous with coffee in the a.m.. I had two slices for dinner and sent the rest away.


  11. Teresa says:

    Gorgeous photos and your cake turned out beautifully!


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