{TWD} Boca Negra

To date, this is my favorite Baking with Julia recipe. Not because it tasted the best (it was delicious) or because it came out exactly as I’d hoped (it didn’t) but because we all made it. Thomas was in charge of the chopping of the chocolate and the incorporation of the butter. Ethan cracked each of the five eggs and whisked them to perfection. I combined the rich chocolate mixture with the thickened eggs and the measly 1 1/2 tablespoons of flour to make up the batter for this cake.

I had put off making this until I knew for sure that we had weathered the storm and would indeed have power to a.) chill the white chocolate cream and b.) bake the cake in the oven.

The white chocolate cream is made the day before. It starts with 12 oz. of good quality white chocolate.

White chocolate

Heavy cream is added along with liquor. I used Frangelico instead of bourbon as the recipe in the book calls for. It’s combined and put into the refrigerator to chill overnight.


Next is the bittersweet chocolate. Another 12 oz. of good quality chocolate is chopped and put into a bowl. We made our sugar syrup with Frangelico and added it to the chopped chocolate. Then comes the hard part, adding two sticks of unsalted butter. We ended up using a double boiler in order to incorporate it properly. Thomas was perfect for this job.

Cracking eggs

Then came the cracking of eggs. Ethan made sure he didn’t add any unwanted shell. This is then whisked with more sugar.


Then comes the combination of chocolate mixture, egg mixture and the very little flour that is required.

This is how it looked before I poured it into the prepared pan.

ready for the oven

Now the recipe says to bake it for precisely 30 minutes at 350F. I took it out after 30 minutes and it was very wet. I baked it for another 15 minutes. It came out less mushy but still a pudding like consistency.

I removed the white chocolate cream from the refrigerator and using my hand-held mixer, whipped it up. Mmm…

This was the final result:

boca negra

It was slightly brownie-like when warm and a bit like pudding pie when chilled and very rich. Maybe too rich.

If you’d like to try making this gem, check out this week’s TWD host, Cathy of A Frederick Food Garden. She has the recipe on her blog.  Also, see how everyone else did with this decadent cake by clicking here.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sara says:

    I think Frangelico would make an awesome replacement for the bourbon! It’s nice that you were all able to make this together – it certainly is easier with helping hands! The cake looks terrific!


  2. What a great recipe to get everyone involved!


  3. Miette says:

    Yours looked great. I didn’t add the Frangelico to the cream- probably a mistake but I was feeding it to my kids… I added some vanilla and I didn’t really like the result. The cake was delicous though.


  4. Cher says:

    Food made with loved ones ALWAYS tastes better :-)


  5. SandraM says:

    It was a pretty rich dessert….a litte goes a long way! Great pics. Love that you all shared in the making of the cake. That’s so nice to have that time in the kitchen with the family…it does make it more special. Well done!


  6. Cathleen says:

    You could not have picked a better recipe to make with family! So very easy and delightfully delicious!


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