Venison Stew

Some people won’t eat venison simply because it’s deer meat. We conjure images of Bambi and just can’t comprehend using this beautiful creature as sustenance.

The meat I used to make this wonderful stew was a living 160 lb. doe just two days ago. I received this harvest from a co-worker who is an avid hunter. He shot, gutted and butchered this animal with respect and I am grateful for the many meals it will provide. This stew is very easy to make. It is flavorful and nutritious.

Place 2 Tbs olive oil in a stock pot or dutch oven and heat over medium-high heat. Coat the stew meat with flour and drop into pot. Brown on all sides. You might want to do this in batches so as not to crowd the pot.

I make this stew in a crock pot but you could continue with the pot on the stove.

Place the browned meat into the crock pot. Pour a 48 oz. can of beef broth and 1 cup of water over the meat. Place the crock pot on high.

Into that same pot, place 1 chopped onion, 3 chopped celery stalks, 2 diced potatoes and 2 large chopped carrots. Saute for a couple of minutes and transfer to the crock pot.

Add a tsp of pepper and a tsp of garlic powder and stir. Cook for 4 hours on high, stirring every hour or so. At the end of four hours, add a Tbs of cornstarch or flour that has been dissolved in about 1/4 cup of water to thicken the stew.

Marcy was hanging around for a while, hoping I might drop something :)

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  1. Wm. T. Acland says:

    This sounds like a lovely recipe but a list of the ingredients would be most helpful. You don’t say anywhere how much meat was used


    1. Jodi says:

      You are absolutely right! I’m guessing I used about 3/4 of a pound. It all depends on how meaty you want your stew :)


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