I’m so sorry, sorry that I waited. I waited to come visit and now it’s too late. It’s too late to tell you that I love and treasure you. Too late to thank you for being an important part of my childhood. I wanted to tell you that I learned a lot from the times I spent playing at the house.

I have very fond memories of asking you for a spoon and a bowl so that I could make mud pies in the yard. The yard that seemed to be in a perpetual mud season, with dogs bounding around and a car always being worked on. I remember Christmas Eve at your house and the brand new bike that my Dad brought out of the back room. I rode that bike all over those dirt roads.

From you and Grandpa, I got my love of cookies and cream ice cream. I learned how to core an apple and flip an omelet. I learned that it doesn’t matter how tidy your house is as long as it’s filled with love and laughter.

I used to get a kick out of you calling Grandpa, “Dad” and him calling you “Ma”. I can see that smile of yours with your eyes squinting and your shoulders going up.

We need to make time for visiting, even though there never seems to be enough time or money for travel. What’s important in life is the people who make it worthwhile.

Make sure the people you love and cherish, know that you love and cherish them. Tomorrow is promised to no one.

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  1. Sally Abbott says:

    Jodi, that was very nice that you worte about your grandmother Hislop and putting up your wedding picture with her in it. I know she loved you, you spent a lot of time out to their house when you were very little and you lived there for awhile. She is in heaven now and looking down at you and the rest of her family….God Bless Ruth….


  2. Mom says:

    Jodi that was very moving she would b so happy to know that. So sorry shes gone she loved u very much. U r the first grandaughter an Cory is the first grandson. She will b missed an we will miss her. I love u


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