Peanut Chocolate Chip Blondies

Peanut Choc chip Blondies

I’ve never been a big brownie lover. They always seem to be too heavy in my belly…maybe it’s the oil? Anyway, I have a new-found love….blondies :)

They are really just a cookie bar but they are oh. so. good.

My first blondie recipe goes like this (adapted from Joy the Baker’s):

Combine half a stick of butter with 1/3 cup of creamy peanut butter. Add 3/4 cup of brown sugar (preferably dark). Cream the butters and sugar with an electric mixer.

Now, at this point I had an unfortunate incident happen. You know how you hear all the time from Martha Stewart and other professionals, that you should crack your eggs into a different bowl in case of egg shells or a blood speckled egg? Well, I never do that, or did that, until now.

I cracked my egg into the bowl with the sugar and butters and commenced mixing with my trusty old electric mixer. Then I saw it…blood specks and the yolk was…hard! Ew, gross, I know. I shouldn’t be talking about this on a baking blog but I thought you all should know….It can and it will happen. Friends don’t let friends ruin perfectly good batter.

Back to it with fresh butter, peanut butter and dark brown sugar. Crack egg into a *separate* bowl. If all is good…add to the sugar and butters along with 1 tsp of vanilla extract and mix until combined.

To another bowl, mix 1 cup of flour, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/8 tsp baking soda, and a pinch of salt. You whisk this first to incorporate the powder and soda into the flour so it is dispersed throughout the batter and not in just one spot.

Incorporate into the creamed sugary goodness. Add 1/3 cup chocolate chips and 1/3 cup rough chopped peanuts. Put this into an 8×8 baking pan that has been greased. You will have to press the batter down, it’ll be thick.

Bake in 350F oven for 20-25 minutes.

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  1. Oh, gross. Sorry to hear that about the egg.


    1. Jodi says:

      I know…it was the first time something like that has happened!


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