The plumpest blueberries there ever were…


I don’t know what it is about pyo farms that I love so much. Yesterday, we went to my favorite farm…Belltown Hill Orchards. It’s a third generation family owned farm of about 155 acres. They have pick-your-own produce from June to late October. My husband, son and I picked about 7 lbs of blueberries with wide smiles and happy bellies. The blueberries are so plump and juicy; warmed by the sun, they really are the best I’ve ever had.

We drove up a steep hill to get to where the blueberry bushes were, parked the car and stepped out into blazing sun. It was an 85 degree day but we brought our sunglasses and breathed in the enticing scent of berries in the air. We each picked up a black, plastic bucket that holds about 4 lbs of the sun ripened berries.

There was a tractor drawn wagon waiting for us to board. We hopped on and took the lovely slow and short trip to the picking bushes. There were nets enclosing the berry bushes to keep the critters out with a few tied up to allow the guests in. It wasn’t a very busy day so we had many rows to ourselves. Ethan was great at crouching down to find the secret hiding places of the best berries that others had overlooked. Some of them as big as quarters. We probably spent a good 45 minutes picking and by the end we were ready for those sweet blueberry treats that would be constructed back home in our air conditioned kitchen.

Tom declared that we had to have a blueberry pie. This has been a family tradition for the past few years. We go picking, whether it’s berries or apples, then immediately upon arriving home, we prepare the mouth watering crust and then the sweet and cinnamon spiced filling.

Here is the recipe that has been tweaked and adapted over the years. We prefer it cold, so it’s best after it’s been cooled on a rack and then popped in the fridge for a bit.

Best Blueberry Pie

Heat oven to 425F. Prepare your crust (you can use a store bought one for convenience). Line a pie plate with one layer.

Mix sugar, flour and cinnamon. Stir in blueberries. Empty into the pastry lined pie plate. Sprinkle with lemon and cubed butter.

Cover with top crust and pinch edges to seal. Poke holes to let steam escape. Bake until golden and juice begins to bubble through. About 35-40 minutes.


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